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DTEK suppliers, be careful.

We bring to all DTEK suppliers attention off that a private energy company in Ukraine, DTEK, has suspended all its payments, inventing excuses of technical nature. Up to date all payments for the supplies are frozen. In this situation the company has taken a wait and see attitude. Thus DTEK "helps" the economy of Ukraine!

Attention to potential suppliers and partners who are going to deal with "ARMAPROM" Ltd., Krolevec city.

We want to warn you about unfair enterprise that does not fulfill the terms of the contract.

Charcoal carburizer GOST 2407-83

Since May 2013 we have launched the production of charcoal carburizer.

Biochar is an ambulance for the soil and animals.

Biochar is a synthetic charcoal produced biomass by pyrolysis.

Happy Victory Day!

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War! Its a honor for Ltd Avangard-Invest to congratulate you with the Day of Victory!


Dear partners and visitors of our web-site, pay attention to extortionists-carriers.

There will be a new product in our company in April, 2013 a charcoal carburizer.

Dear partners, In April were pleased to offer you a charcoal carburizer according to GOST 2407-83.

About work of Lux Service, Ltd.

Weve signed a contract with this company about supply of one truck of anthracite coal. They promised to fulfill the obligations in time, but at the end the supply was disrupted.

Valentines Day.

Dear Partners! Valentines Day holiday that is celebrated all over the world.

Modernization of charcoal production of Mangal plant

Dear partners, We are pleased to inform that since January, 2013 we start a modernization of charcoal production on the "Mangal" plant.
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