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Ferroalloys are alloys of iron with other elements (Cr, Si, Mn, Ti and other), applied mainly for raskisleniya and alloying became (for example, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon). To the ferroalloys de beneesse take also some alloys, containing iron only as admixtures (silicokaltsiy, silicomarganese and other), and some metals and non-metals (Mn, Cr, Si) with minimum maintenance of admixtures.

At the plants ferroalloys get ores or concentrates.

«Avangard-invest», LTD is engaged in realization of different brands of ferroalloys: ferrosilicomarganese, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese with different maintenance of phosphorus and other elements depending on the requirements of customer.

A company is ready to go to meet to the users, gives the flexible system of discounts and postponement of payment.